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WE THE GRADUATES, the illustrious class of 1962, having departed from our Alma Mater some 49 years ago, have moved through the world with good effect. Among our ranks there can be found; College Professors, Mayors, Lawyers , Engineers, War Heroes, Fire Fighters, Educators, Published Authors, Artists and Well-known Entertainers just to name a few of our many, many achievements. As of this writing, we have not yet uncovered a good horse thief or pirate, but we are still searching.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Guy's Hair Styles

It is a well established fact that a guy's future success in life is directly related to his hair style. Back in the golden age, every guy was taught from the age of six onwards by all those TV commercials that, if he selected the right hair style and used the right hair tonic, happiness in life was assured. We all knew that a little dab will do ya and a wink, a whistle and Wildroot will make pretty girls chase after you. And since the girls in the Class of '62 were the prettiest anyone had ever seen, we were specially motivated. Of course, driving a V8 convertible didn't hurt, but before you were old enough to drive, all you had was your hair. After all, there were no commercials about improving your personality or learning to become sensitive to a girl's delicate feelings, so you just slicked it back, went out into the world and waited to be chased. Hmmm ..
We interrupt this article to bring you a message from our sponsor - Brylcreem -

We did have the best of role models to teach us how to behave while all those gorgeous beauties were throwing themselves all over us .. uh .. just in case they did.

There was Ed "Kookie" Burns from 77 Sunset Strip. ["Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!"] .. right!

Elvis made the pompadour the top style choice. Check out a few of these -

A decade later, "The Fonz" from Happy Days gave us a look back at proper attitude management.

What about the guys from Belleville's Class of '62 ? Were they up to date with their styles? You better believe it. All the fashionable styles were represented; the pompadour, the cool flat-top, the masculine and sporty close-crop and the popular 1930's retro straight-back. Let's see if you ladies remember some of these. Yes, these are your classmates -

Yup, so here it is, 50 years later and I am still waiting to be chased. I carefully treat all 64 of my remaining hairs with the best of hair tonics. I know they're coming, all those pretty girls, the commercials told me so !

A closing word from one of our sponsors -