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WE THE GRADUATES, the illustrious class of 1962, having departed from our Alma Mater some 49 years ago, have moved through the world with good effect. Among our ranks there can be found; College Professors, Mayors, Lawyers , Engineers, War Heroes, Fire Fighters, Educators, Published Authors, Artists and Well-known Entertainers just to name a few of our many, many achievements. As of this writing, we have not yet uncovered a good horse thief or pirate, but we are still searching.

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The Class of 1962


Check back often as we unfold the history, exploits and adventures of the Illustrious Class of 1962 who once graced the halls and classrooms of Belleville High School, Belleville, New Jersey.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mr. Kittle

Mr. Hugh D. Kittle

It was in December of 1961, the mid-point of our Senior year, when a profound change occurred at Belleville High. After thirty-seven years of service to the school system, twenty-six years as principal, Mr. Hugh D. Kittle retired. He had been "our" principal for three-and-a- half of the four years we spent in Belleville High. We would be his last Senior class. The assembly in the auditorium honoring his departure ended with a lengthy standing ovation. He was replaced with good men, but old Belleville High would never be the same without Mr. Kittle. The aura of his presence could be felt in every nook and cranny of the building. His stern but good natured, fatherly attentiveness was sensed everywhere.

Mr. Kittle had been a member of the staff since 1928. However, in November of 1942, he became Navy Lieutenant Hugh D. Kittle, taking leave from his post at the high school to serve in the military during WWII. His temporary replacement was Harold Dufford. Mr. Dufford was still serving the community as Assistant Superintendent in 1962.

Mr. Harold Dufford

Both our class and our predecessors in 1961 directed accolades to Mr. Kittle in our year books. It is worth recording both here in their original wording since, from each, we learn something about the man, himself.

From the 1961 Monad -

"One of the most enthusiastic rooters for old Belleville High is that man in the office, our principal, Mr. Kittle. He is sure to be on the fifty-yard line at the football games, on the sideline with our basketball teams, down in front at all our auditorium programs, and shoulder to shoulder with any project the school plans. He may bark over the microphone, but there is a twinkle in his eye and a humorous twist to his serious kidding. Quietly and unobtrusively he goes about his duties, yet his guiding presence is felt throughout our entire building. When the first flowers bloom in his garden, there is one in the lapel of his coat; and when Christmas comes, there is always a festive yuletide air and decorations in the office and around Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, on the porch at his home on De Witt Avenue.

There will always be pleasant memories of the man who has done so much for us and for Belleville High School."

No less lavish were we, the Class of 1962, when we dedicated our yearbook to him with these words:

"We, the loyal subjects of the Class of 1962 with love, honor and respect, dedicate our Monad to Hugh D. Kittle, the lord of our court. An educator for the past thirty-seven years, Mr. Kittle was graduated from Bucknell University, where he received his B.A. degree in mechanical engineering. He received his M.A. at Montclair State College, and continued his studies at Pennsylvania State College, Newark State College, and Rutgers University. The father of two sons and a daughter, Mr. Kittle boasts nine grandchildren. He is a fishing enthusiast and an avid sports fan. In addition, he is a commander and active participant in the United States Navel Reserve.

A devoted principal for twenty-six years, Mr. Kittle is admired for his understanding, foresight, determination, and endeavor. Although his noble reign ceased with his resignation on December 22, 1961, Mr. Kittle will be remembered as a standard bearer of learning and a guiding influence.
The Class of 1962 feel that words of gratitude are not enough, and so in this dedication we have made a more permanent gesture toward thanking Mr. Kittle for everything he has done for us and for Belleville High School."
Mr. Kittle was replaced by good men. First, by Mr. George Lees. Mr. Lees was a man to be admired. We, perhaps quietly, hoped he might be the principal who would over-see our graduation, but not to be. Declining health forced him to withdraw from the post. In the end, it would be Mr. Austin MacArthur, "Mr. Mac", who would be there for graduation. I remember Mr. Mac liked to patrol the halls when students were moving about. Your author-here-present clearly recalls a well-placed judo chop to an arm that was casually placed around the shoulder of a young lady I was walking with in the halls one day. When I turned to see who my assailant was, Mr. Mac was wagging a finger saying, "None of that here!" Still, he was a good man.

Mr. George Lees

Mr. Austin MacArthur